I understand that SSA is an evolving program. As such, SSA reserves the right to alter its program from how it may be described in this website – provided such alterations do not substantially change the essence of the program (and generally we make such choices to improve the program). Further, SSA may change in various ways from year to year: in some years, staff will be primarily returners, whereas in some years, it may be that SSA has several new staff members; in some years, SSA may engage in certain activities (say, an ultimate Frisbee game), and in other years, SSA may engage in different games. SSA's curriculum improves from year to year – always for the purpose of providing a better experience to our students – and its format may change. SSA encourages parents to reach out to better understand the contours of its program before registering; SSA does not guarantee, however, that the program in any given year will exactly mirror the program in previous years, or exactly reflect each description of the program on this website (though generally, that has and will continue to be the case). Finally, as indicated elsewhere on this website, average score improvements and other numbers and representations of student performance are substantially accurate articulations of past performance (though such averages may change from year to year and depending on how they are calculated). However, SSA cannot and does not provide guarantees as to any specific student’s performance, nor can SSA guarantee that any given year’s student group will achieve any particular average or median result. SSA makes every effort to ensure students receive an exceptional education – but every student is unique, and SSA cannot promise or guarantee any particular result. If parents want to further discuss any portion of the program, SSA encourages them to do so.

I understand that SSA has the following cancellation policy: to secure a spot at SSA, parents provide a non-refundable deposit, as indicated on SSA's tuition page. SSA may, at its sole discretion, refund that deposit in the event that a student cancels – but generally, the deposit is non-refundable. Beyond this deposit, parents agree to provide 100% of tuition by April 1st. Parents who register after April 1st may discuss different terms on a case by case basis; further, parents who require a payment plan for financial reasons are encouraged to reach out to SSA as soon as possible, and SSA may agree to such a plan in its sole discretion. Unless an alternate agreement is reached, tuition is non-refundable after April 1st; thus, a student who cancels or drops out of the program before April 1st will receive a full tuition refund, except for the deposit – but a student who cancels or drops out after April 1st does not receive a refund of any kind, except at the sole discretion of SSA. SSA is happy to discuss this policy with any parent at any time.

I certify that all the information submitted in this process is and will be true and accurate to the best of my knowledge, and that I am committing to Socratic Summer Academy's 2019 session, Friday, June 28 - Saturday, July 20, 2019. My payment will secure my child's spot.  I understand that I will receive an email from SSA to provide more camp-related information about my child. I agree to help my child understand policies to which s/he/they are expected to adhere, and to make a good-faith effort to adhere to them, or to discuss my concerns well beforehand with the director.