A better way to prepare for the SAT

Come to Colgate not just to shoot up 200 points on the SAT in 3 weeks, but to nurture passions, explore life on a college campus, and enjoy campfires under the stars!

The SAT 200-point score improvement your student needs
  • Over 200-point score improvements in a 3-week SAT boot camp

  • Live in a dorm at Colgate University and enjoy the college experience

  • 5 proctored practice tests in real testing conditions

  • Creative, highly trained staff teacher/counselors from highly selective Ivies, universities, and liberal arts colleges

  • 4:1 student-teacher ratio

  • Proprietary, evolving curriculum and strategies that focus on the strengths of each student as an individual

  • College-style non-SAT elective courses in a variety of subjects!

  • Every camper goes home not just with an improved score, but with extraordinary summer memories <3

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