Average Score Improvements

In 2016, the SAT changed from a 2400-point test to a 1600-point test. Nevertheless, to paint an accurate picture of our score improvements over time, our data reflect scores from seven summers: the first six teaching the 2400-point test, and the most recent summer (2016), teaching the 1600-point test. In order to construct a single average, we converted our 2010-2015 scores into a 1600-point metric, and created a final weighted average.

For purposes of calculating score improvements, we break students into two categories:

[1] students who start with the SSA method

[2] students who’ve spent months or even years working with other teachers or programs

Most programs find that students who are not as familiar with the SAT go up more in a new program than those who have already spent months or even years familiarizing themselves with the test.

Our overall average score improvement for all students is 203 points out of 1600.

Over the past eight summers, the average score improvement for students who began their instruction with SSA was 240 points (out of 1600), measured from their initial diagnostic score (a previously administered official SAT students take before beginning their instruction at our program) to their highest overall superscore.

The average score improvement for students who came to SSA having previously studied the SAT for an extensive period of time with another program or tutor was 135 points (out of 1600), calculated in the same way.

These averages have ranged up or down slightly from summer to summer - but have been generally consistent.

The overall average for all students (combining those with previous experience and those with none) was 203 points (out of 1600).

Explaining the Above Metrics

The above numbers reflect average score improvements in super-score for our three-week program, as measured from the initial diagnostic test through the final practice test. Though the above numbers are substantially accurate, we do not, and cannot, offer any individual student or parent a guarantee of how any student will perform, or guarantee that future averages will reflect prior numbers generally or individually. It is not always possible to predict in advance precisely which students will most benefit from our program, and every student is unique. To that end, we encourage parents and students interested in the program to call or e-mail to discuss whether SSA is the best pedagogical choice. Ultimately, we encourage students to sign up not based on our average score improvements (which we provide only as general evidence of the success of our program), but because they believe SSA will be a good pedagogical fit for their learning needs.

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Socratic Summer Academy

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June 28, 2019 - July 20, 2019