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Nature surrounds us on Colgate University's campus - a great backdrop by which to study the SATs at the SSA Socratic Summer Academy

A Better Way to Study the SAT

Laurel leads a small group discussion of the SAT at Socratic Summer Academy
Since 2010, the Socratic Summer Academy at Colgate University has worked with hundreds of students from around the country and the world, helping them achieve dramatic score increases on their SAT -- on average, several hundred points in three weeks. Students come to Colgate not just to learn, but to be part of a vibrant camp community that nurtures their passions, exposes them to life on a college campus, and helps them overcome their individual academic challenges and prepare for their future.

How do we achieve our results?

First, we aren't like most test prep programs - as a residential academy with high teacher to student ratios, we emphasize small-group and one on one instruction, balancing classroom learning with test-taking simulations, coaching sessions, workshops, and interactive games.

Peter, Assistant Director in 2016, takes the lead in a Frisbee game during one of our traditional summer camp activities - a break from the morning's SAT study

Second, our program isn't a school - it's a camp. We inspire students to succeed on the SAT by devoting ourselves to making our program not a stuffy classroom, but a fun, exciting, and rewarding experience. Our highest praise came from one student, Danny Hwang, who told us in his 2012 testimonial: “I’ve been to camps for church, sports, and music … [of all of them, SSA] was the best camp I’ve been to."

Third, our team of administrators ensures our curricula, program design, and teacher training remain unmatched. Our founder, Max Rosen, created SSA after years of working as a teacher and camp administrator; he later went on to graduate from Harvard Law School the valedictorian of his class. SSA's executive director and co-founder, Alyssa Bowlby, also co-founded a non-profit - the Yleana Leadership Academy - which works with 80 low-income students each summer to help them improve their SAT scores and get scholarships and financial aid to competitive schools.

A holistic approach to the SAT has never been more important.

Eric opines in critical reading SAT class at the Socratic Summer Academy 2018-2019 is a complicated year for folks thinking about college: the SAT has changed, college admissions are getting increasingly competitive, many folks are considering going test-optional, and the college process itself seems to become more stressful and more nuanced with each passing year. The test may change. But at SSA, our academic philosophy, nurturing camp community, and exceptional team has ensured that our program remains the most effective, most fun, and most nurturing place to prepare for your future anywhere in the country.

- Learn more about our score improvements.

- Meet our Executive Director, Alyssa Bowlby, and hear her thoughts on the redesigned SAT, and the SAT vs. the ACT - comparing the tests and why SSA continues to teach the SAT.

- How are we dealing with the challenge of the redesigned SAT?

- How we ensure every student improves at SSA.

- Register now for Summer 2019: Friday, June 28, 2019 - Saturday, July 20, 2019!!! The Early Bird Discount - almost $1000 off! - is available for all families who register by February 15, 2019! :)

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