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SSA Socratic Summer Academy combines huge score improvements with dodgeball, smores, and campfires for a great 3 week experience at Colgate University

Our Program - Overview

Spend a summer having fun with us, and shoot up on your SATs!

The Socratic Summer Academy was founded in 2010. It's a three-week sleepaway summer camp aimed at improvement on the SATs. Every year, using our tailored curriculum and in-house materials, in conjunction with official College Board prep materials, we help students of all different learning styles and starting scores add hundreds of points to their SAT, all while working hard to ensure they have a fantastic summer camp experience. Alex takes a small group through an SAT math problem at the SSA Socratic Summer Academy

Extraordinary, Caring Master Teachers

Our master teachers all have plenty of experience teaching the SAT - they come from Harvard, Brown, Stanford, Columbia, Johns Hopkins, Amherst, Haverford, Middlebury, UCBerkeley, McGill, Vanderbilt, UVA, Wesleyan - great schools, but what they really bring to the table is their dedication to educating and mentoring. Our primary hiring criteria are being creative and inspirational, inside and outside the classroom.

Our Strategies - What Sets Us Apart

One of our biggest strategies is game-ification - making strategies into games, using games to learn vocabulary, breaking the actual test down into pieces that form the evening's activity. In 2012, we eliminated homework (which sounds crazy) but replaced it with proctored work sessions, so kids were "doing classwork" with teachers around to help. Also, since there are 2 teachers in a classroom, one-on-one is really easy. We have over 150 hours of classroom teaching and unlimited one-on-one and small group sessions. And amazingly, it works.

Here's an overview of what makes us different from other SAT programs:

Jordan, a day student at the SSA Socratic Summer Academy, reviews another student's SAT essay - Individualized attention

+ Adaptive classroom

+ Team teaching

+ Coaching teams

- Dynamic and comprehensive curricula

+ Game-ification

+ Clear weekly metrics

- A well-oiled schedule

- Extraordinary teachers

- Community

- Our record of excellence

Smores! Campfires under the stars! Dodgeball! Scavenger hunts! Don't forget the summer camp!!

Fun is a necessary component of the SSA Socratic Summer Academy The great thing about it is that it's not just an SAT boot camp - it's also an amazing traditional summer camp experience - dodgeball, singalongs around the campfire, piano, and guitar, capture the flag, volleyball, scavenger hunts, story-based games, hikes in the wilderness. It's fun. Students often get dragged to camp kicking and screaming but after three weeks of living on an amazing college campus with friends and teachers, they're sad to go home.

Camp Info:

- Camp will begin Friday, June 28, 2019, and end Saturday, July 20, 2019. We will be on Colgate University's campus in Hamilton, NY. Overnight camp tuition is $.

- Tuition is comprehensive, including room, board, and book fees. No additional spending money is necessary.

- To hold a child's spot upon registration, parents send a 20% deposit. After April 1, 2019, tuition payment in full will be required with registration, unless another arrangement is made.

- Deposits are non-refundable.

- Full tuition is due no later than April 1, 2019. Those students who register after April 1, 2019 must pay tuition in full at the time of registration.

- Please contact us if you'd like to work out a payment plan; we're willing to work with parents to make financial arrangements.

- We are happy to answer any and all questions prospective students or parents may have about our program; feel free to e-mail Max Rosen and Alyssa Bowlby personally. Every student is unique and has different needs; every student is important to us. We're also happy to answer questions via phone - 347.688.2329.

Dodgeball - just part of the fun at SSA Socratic Summer Academy - We can also connect prospective students to others who have attended the camp in previous years; our alumni are happy to answer questions and describe their experiences with the program.

- SSA takes place on the same campus as the Yleana Leadership Academy, and Alyssa Bowlby is heavily involved in both programs. For more information about Yleana – as well as information about any interaction between the two programs – please reach out to Alyssa (347.688.2329) and she’ll be delighted to discuss her work.

Register now for Summer 2019: Friday, June 28, 2019 - Saturday, July 20, 2019!!! The Early Bird Discount - almost $1000 off! - is available for all families who register by February 15, 2019! :)

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