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Student Testimonials

Lexi and Laurel selfie-ing it up Our best testimonial came in 2015 - from one of our kids, Lexi, who was a rising junior in Summer 2014. She went up 290 points from her diagnostic (and keep in mind that, after you've received test prep and are at the top of the curve, those points are far harder to win than the ones in the middle of the curve, so what Lexi did was EVEN MORE AMAZING):

I'm emailing you to let you know that I've recently received a 2360 on the January 2015 SAT, and I really feel like I couldn't have done it without your help. The overall breakdown was 800 CR, 800 Math, and 760 Writing (with a score of 10 on the essay).

Without SSA, I don't think I would have had any motivation to do well on the SAT, nor would I have done well at all. I want to thank you not only for giving me essential study guides over the summer, but for also teaching me that the SAT is something that I shouldn't be scared of or discouraged about. Academically, SSA definitely helped me develop efficient test-taking techniques and a sound knowledge foundation, and it also let me have fun while I was learning.

Again, thank you so much for all the love and help you provided me over the summer. I appreciate it a lot :)

That is literally the best thanks we can get. We play together, we get your scores up, and we all leave having had an unforgettable experience. That's SSA in a nutshell.


Our next quote comes from Leslie, also from Summer 2014!!! Leslie was an incredibly hard worker - someone who wouldn't give up until she achieved her goals.

Oh by the way, my final SAT score was a 2340!!!!!!!

Critical Reading: 800

Writing: 780

Math: 760

I really wanted to thank you soo much, as I could not have done it without you or the exceptional team during my time at SSA. <3 I'm forever grateful.

Real talk: Leslie is a rock star. And we're really, really happy to have shared the summer with her - and helped her achieve her goals on the SAT. :) In fact, we loved her so much that she joined the staff in 2017 as an assistant teacher!

Danny shows off his mad skillz --

Our third best quote EVER comes from Danny, the breakdancer on the right (a rising junior from Summer 2012), who said,

I’ve been to camps for church, sports, and music, so before I came here I was scared because it was all study - but it turned out to be the best camp I’ve been to! I would tell someone who isn’t sure about SAT camp how important the SAT is. If they realize how important it is and they want support and help, then they should come here.

Thanks guys! We couldn't agree more!

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